Mental Health Program

The TCWC Mental Health Program provides free-of-charge Tier 2-3 services in the Tri-County region. Our objectives are to:

  • Provide free mental health services such as one-on-one and group counseling services for individuals experiencing mild to moderate symptoms in terms of Mental Health & Addictions intake criteria and/or having other barriers to accessing services through Nova Scotia Mental Health & Addictions.
  • Educate and provide the tools to empower women to make meaningful and purposeful life choices that promote mental health and prevent crises.
  • Help create a sense of community and belonging through peer groups.

To connect with the TCWC Mental Health Program, reach out to Jacqueline, our project coordinator, at

There is no referral needed, self referrals are accepted.

Funding is provided for the TCWC Mental Health Program by:

  • Nova Scotia Government’s Office of Addictions and Mental Health
  • Mental Health Foundation of NS
  • Canadian Women’s Foundation
  • Gender Equality Fund